May 18, 2021

Is Your HVAC Making Your Home Dusty?

This article explains what causes a house to become so dusty, as well as what types of filtration and prevention can be used to reduce dust levels from an HVAC perspective.

Nobody wants to live in a dusty house. If you've been wondering why your house is dusty or finding that it's dusty no matter how much you vacuum, it's possible that your HVAC system isn't filtering dust properly.

Here are some common issues that can lead to an excessive amount of dust in your house, as well as what you can do about it.

Causes of Dust in Your Home

If you're having dust problems, the first place you can look is your air filters. Filters are designed to keep dust and other particles out of your home and must be replaced or washed on a regular basis. They will become ineffective and allow dust to build up in your home if they become too dirty.


If your air filters are clean, the source of the problem may be leaky air ducts. This is because leaking ducts not only cause your HVAC unit to work overtime, but they also allow unfiltered, dusty air into your home, raising your energy bills and being a common cause of why your house becomes dusty so quickly. Lint or dust buildup on vent registers, which can cause high energy bills, and hot or cold spots in your home are all signs of a leaky air duct. If you believe that the problem is with the air ducts, check them for leaky joints and seal them as required, or employ a specialist to come in and repair them.

Humidity Levels That Are Too High

Dust can accumulate in a home with high humidity levels. Running a humidifier to minimize the dryness is an easy solution to this issue. Humidity is a common concern in New Jersey homes, and since fungus, mold, and dust mites thrive in high humidity, it's an issue that homeowners can't afford to overlook. If the problem is caused by a lack of humidity, it's time to hire a specialist to install a humidifier.

Examine the area around the windows for cracks.

Another way dust can enter your home is through window cracks. If you think this is the issue, simply re-caulk your windows to make them match better.

Reduce Incoming Dirt 

Dust can easily be brought into the home from your family’s shoes which is a common reason why the house is so dusty. Having visitors refrain from wearing shoes inside the house is a simple solution.

It's a good idea to go through this list first to see if you can solve your dust problem on your own. If you've tested all of the above products, adjusted your filters, sealed your ducts, and installed a humidifier and your home is still dustier than normal, it's time to get your HVAC system inspected by a professional to see if a repair is necessary.

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