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When it comes to HVAC system maintenance, air ducts are usually the last thing on a homeowner's mind. Air ducts are an essential part of your home's ventilation system; without them, your HVAC machine wouldn't be able to transport air from room to room.

Your air ducts, though often overlooked (due to their normally concealed location), need attention, maintenance, repairs, and even replacement from time to time. But how do you know when they need to be replaced? After all, you don't really see them that much.

We'll go through seven common signs to look for that can suggest the need for air duct replacement in this article.

7 Signs You Need San Diego Duct Repair or Replacement

Age of the Ductwork

Air ducts, like air conditioners, can last up to ten years if properly maintained. It's important to remember, however, that air duct seals, joints, and seams can deteriorate over time. Deterioration/damage to your HVAC systems can result in a variety of issues, including excessive energy consumption, poor efficiency, and general discomfort in your home, to name a few. Air ducts, like all HVAC devices, wear and tear over time, which is why they should be tested and likely replaced every 10 years or so.

Insufficient Airflow

Airflow is a critical component of a well-functioning HVAC system, and your ductwork, believe it or not, plays a major role in efficiently cooling your living spaces. When your ductwork is damaged, old, dirty, or clogged in some way, it can lead to high energy bills and discomfort in your home. It may be time for a replacement if you notice your HVAC system's airflow dwindling or straining.

Poor Cooling Capacity

Your ducts may need to be inspected if your HVAC system is having trouble cooling your home. Several factors can put a strain on your system, making it difficult to cool your house. You can always start by testing your air filter and, if possible, replacing it (a clogged air filter will restrict cooling performance). If that doesn't work, have the ductwork checked and tested by a certified HVAC technician.

Punctures and Dents

The air ducts in your home are carefully built and strategically positioned to ensure that you get the most out of your air conditioner. Damages such as dents and punctures will significantly reduce the cooling system's effectiveness. If you notice dents or punctures in your ductwork, get it assessed by a specialist. A qualified HVAC technician can assess whether a patch or a full duct replacement is the best option for you and make expert recommendations accordingly.

Mold & Foul Smells and Odors

Mold is always a serious issue, especially if it enters your ductwork. When this happens, the HVAC machine spreads mold spores and foul odors in your home every time it turns on. Mold in your ductwork can cause a slew of issues, ranging from severe allergies to potentially life-threatening health complications. If your HVAC machine emits a foul odor and you suspect mold in your ducts, call a professional right away. While duct cleanings can help, the best solution for mold is always complete replacement.

Loud Noises While AC is Operating

When problems with your ductwork occur (such as destruction, clogs, and so on), noisy ducts are typically a good indicator of a problem, even if the problems aren't apparent. If your ductwork makes strange noises as air passes through it, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Poor Design or Installation

Ductwork systems are strategically built and mounted in your home to maintain power, energy consumption, and performance while cooling every room optimally. Replacement is needed if your ductwork was built or installed incorrectly for some purpose. One of the leading causes of residential energy loss in the United States is improper design and installation. Even if you have a brand new air conditioner that is ideally sized for your house, bad ductwork makes achieving maximum performance and comfort difficult. Hire a specialist to inspect your ductwork if you're experiencing hot and cold spots or less-than-satisfactory levels of comfort in your home.

Air Duct Repair & Installation in San Diego, CA

We are proud to be the experts in duct repair and installation! Every new design is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Workmanship. Each new design incorporates the use of metal Y Branches (TWYE’S) and AirFlow Distribution Dampers to help navigate airflow. This also allows us to make room to room adjustments which are free of charge.We give you two different options for ductwork (basic or eco) giving you the ability to design based on cost or performance.

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