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About Blue Diamond Heating and Air

We are Blue Diamond, a company with home-town heart. We’re passionate about making the world a cozy place to live. Whether we’re heating or cooling we take great pride in keeping our customers comfortable and satisfied.

Diamond, is in our name because of the quality it represents. We work hard to help each team member become a skilled craftsman. We hire the best and provide training and support, so our team can learn, grow, and be prepared for any challenges thrown our way.

Our people make us special. We can deliver and innovate better than most in our industry. Our “can-do”, family attitude fuels our teamwork and helps us get the job done on time, and right — the first time.

Our expertise means we can do more with the next great idea … which can come from anywhere and anyone. That means our customers can rest assure we’re moving, innovating, delivering, and in it for the long haul, through the busy times and beyond.

We are Blue Diamond!

Delivering Quality, Comfort, and Innovation through every season.

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