June 7, 2021

SDGE Time Of Use Energy Saving Tips

Do you know about SDGE's Time of Use plan (TOU)? The time of day you use energy matters when it comes to your TOU pricing plan!

Programming your thermostat to shift your Air Conditioning usage out of the on-peak hours between 4pm and 9pm is one of the best ways you can save on a TOU plan.

And did you know using a programmable thermostat can help you control energy costs? Scheduling your AC to run when you expect to be home - not when you are away or during on-peak hours - can drastically reduce your SDGE energy bill.

4 Tips for Saving Money This Summer on SDGE TOU Plans

  1. Up to three hours before 4 pm, program your thermostat to pre-cool your home to a lower temperature so you can avoid running it during on-peak hours.
  2. At the start of the 4pm on-peak period, limit your thermostat to 78 degrees or hotter.
  3. Program your thermostat to a colder temperature than 78 degrees after 9pm.
  4. When away from home or during the on-peak hours, consider one or more of the following:
    • During the hotter summer months when you have to run your AC in San Diego - usually June - October - program your thermostat to raise the temperature a few degrees above 78 degrees - especially during the pricier on-peak hours.
    • During the colder winter season - November through May - program your thermostat to lower the temperature a few degrees below 68 degrees - especially during more expensive on-peak hours.
    • Reduce your overall AC usage during on-peak hours, by covering sun-facing windows and closing any open windows that could bring warm air in.

Most programmable thermostats include options for setting times and temperatures, and smart thermostats can be controlled by your phone! Look for a step-by-step instruction card that is often inserted into a slot in the thermostat or inside a hinged cover, or call us today to see how you can save big on your electric bill.

When it comes to optimizing your SDGE bill, it's best to use energy during the times of day and months of the years when there's less demand for energy. The other alternative is to get a high efficiency HVAC unit installed by a professional El Cajon HVAC company.

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