August 18, 2019

Ductless split for the downstairs

The client called us hoping to find a solution to cool his downstairs living area. They had just added an ac system for there home but were not able to find a way to get the new system to cool the downstairs. Most of the homes in San Diego have rooms like these that were afterthoughts or just were never air-conditioned. San Diego has started to get warmer in the last few years, and increased humidity has everyone in panic mode. This ductless system is an excellent solution for these trouble areas. This client's space had a minimal amount of heat load and called for a 1-ton split. The client decided the idea of using this system for heat was a great option because it would allow us to remove the existing wall furnace. It eliminated the potential hazards with gas, not to say that it didn’t heat the area very well, but it’s a small controlled fire in your home yikes. We went ahead and drywalled over the cavity after safely capping off the natural gas line. Check it out and let us know if you could use something like this for your home or office. We offer professional HVAC services around San Diego County.

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