April 13, 2020

Blue Diamond designs a duct system

We’re talking about the arteries to your heating and Air conditioning! The furnace and AC depend on the duct system to perform and deliver air. Duct design helps determine airflow and distribution. Blue Diamond heating and air technicians design duct systems for the size of equipment and load. Many older duct designs lack the right sizing and design. Ever been in a home that has crappy airflow in some of the rooms but not others? Its important that we give HVAC systems the ability to breathe, allowing the systems fan to operate at full capacity and ensure it performs quietly and efficiently.

For this, you need to take your heating and cooling loads and calculate the amount of air needed by the heating and air system and the conditioned areas. Your home design determines the layout and from there it requires the craftsmanship of Blue Diamond heating and air installers. Ensuring you achieve a properly balanced home.

We are proud to be the experts! Every new design is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Workmanship Each design incorporates the use of metal Y Branches (TWYE’S) and AirFlow Distribution Dampers to help navigate airflow. This also allows us to make room to room adjustments which are free of charge. We give you two different options for ductwork (basic or eco) giving you the ability to design based on cost or performance.

With over 16 years of experience, Blue Diamond is the right choice when choosing a heating and air conditioning contractor in San Diego.
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