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Things to Do in Spring Valley, California

Blue Diamond, Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement Spring Valley, have curated a list of free or low-cost activities to do in Spring Valley, California, including Parks, History Museums, Art Galleries, and Specialty Museums. Check out the list below!

Eucalyptus County Park

Eucalyptus County Park is ideal for families because it provides a comfortable outdoor play area. The park has a playground, horseshoe pits, restrooms, and a pavilion for group events in addition to a playground.

Hatfield Park

Hartfield Park is a private community with a variety of attractions. The park has basketball courts, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a playground, as well as a clubhouse for social events and gatherings.

Lamar Park

Lamar Park is a county-owned and operated facility that caters to families. Along with a playground, the park provides room and equipment for picnics and group events (such as a covered pavilion, grills, and tables).

The Bancroft Rock House

The Bancroft Rock House, a historic stone residence built in the late 1880s by Hubert Howe Bancroft, has served as a guest house, a school, and a fireproof storage area over the years.

Bright Valley Farms

Bright Valley Farms offers equestrian services, including riding instruction in both the classic English and Western forms of horseback riding. A group horseback ride is included in the farm's birthday party packages.

The Japanese American Historical Society

The Japanese American Historical Society provides historical information as well as regular exhibits to the public, showcasing the history of Japanese Americans in the region. Swing nights, seminars, and craft courses are some of the community events hosted by the club.

Spring Valley Historical Society

Bancroft Ranch House Museum, which is housed in the county's oldest adobe, provides open hours during which visitors can tour the structure. The Spring Valley Historical Society maintains and manages the house.

Spring Valley Gymnasium

The 15,860 square foot Spring Valley Gymnasium can accommodate huge tournaments, leagues, rentals, or open play for basketball, volleyball, and indoor soccer. Adults and children can participate in leagues.

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