August 30, 2021

What to Do in Lemon Grove, California

If you guessed that Lemon Grove in San Diego County was named after its historic roots, where lemons once grew abundantly, you'd be on the right track to understanding what Lemon Grove is all about. Lemons grow abundantly only 12 miles from San Diego's airport, downtown, and beaches, but not in the enormous groves that previously formed a lovely pattern over the city's expanses of land.

Lemon Grove in southwest San Diego County, which has claimed the title of "Best Climate on Earth" as its motto for more than a century, was really founded by sheep ranchers around 1869. Sheep, vegetables, and poultry were all that was required to exist in this paradise, which took the name Lemon Grove in the early 1900s when enormous citrus orchards of lemons and oranges became the area's main industry.

Here are the top things to do in Lemon Grove, California:

Lemon Grove's Giant Lemon

A ten-foot-long and several-foot-high lemon stands at Lemon Grove (called after its famed lemons). It is located in a small lemon grove beside the Orange Line trolley tracks, and its concrete base is emblazoned with the words "Best Climate On Earth."

Interestingly, the municipality does not claim to boast the “World's Largest Lemon,” but the Lemon Grove lemon is surely large enough to qualify.

Lemon Grove's Hidden Murals

The paintings were inspired by a trip to Miami's Wynwood Art District by Sydel Howell and her mother, who run the medical supply store where some of the murals are painted. Howell engaged Beth Emmerich to paint a couple of walls on the rear of her building at 7846 Broadway, across from a small public parking lot, after seeing her work on a tattoo shop in North Park.

Emmerich then enlisted the help of four other muralists for the project: Gloria Muriel, Alex Banach, Maxx Moses, and KJ Ashley. Lemon Grove tourists should not miss out on seeing these one-of-a-kind San Diego murals. The paintings depict diverse natural themes and pictures that appear to be taken from an enchanted dreamscape.

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