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August 25, 2019

What is short cycling?

Short cycling is a term used when a compressor turns on and off in a short amount of time. There are some effects to the compressor every time it has to start, not only will it raise the amount of electricity being used but it also heats up the internal components of the compressor. This will shorten the life. The compressor short cycling can be the cause of some issues inside your home or business, which translates into a poor performance or uncomfort. This is because the refrigerant running through the condenser and evaporator causes a heat transfer as the warm air moves across the evaporator. The flowing refrigerant allows for dehumidification as the warm air passes by. With a short cycle, this process does not fully go into effect. Short Cycling can be a factor for homes with improper equipment sizing or inadequate supply/return air space. Looking into replacement equipment there can be the assumption that bigger is better. Without allowing our equipment to run long enough we lose the dehumidification process needed for comfortability

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