August 30, 2021

Best Attractions in La Mesa, California

La Mesa, located nine miles east of downtown San Diego, is not your standard Southern California suburb. This town is only 20 minutes from San Diego and has amazing natural beauty, a pleasant temperature, and a plethora of unique and authentic stores. Find out more about what La Mesa has to offer by reading on.

Helix's Mount

Beautiful perspectives abound at the summit of Mount Helix, one of San Diego County's highest elevations. Hikers can enjoy views of San Diego, Tijuana, and El Cajon from the summit, as well as theater performances and power yoga at an amphitheater farther down the mountain. Mount Helix also has one of the best sunset views on the West Coast, so come for the exercise as well as to see the natural environment of Southern California.

Fusionglass Corporation

You may not only buy a variety of handcrafted glass jewelry at reasonable costs at this jewelry business, but you can also help design your own unique item. This one-of-a-kind small business offers classes in jewelry creation, stained glass, and other arts and crafts to people of all ages.

Lake Murray is a body of water in the United

Lake Murray, a large reservoir surrounded by parks, is a popular recreation destination for residents living in and around San Diego. The lake is encircled by concrete walkways, making it ideal for an evening stroll or jog. The park, one of the few in Southern California where you can fish for trout and largemouth bass, also offers kayak rentals and is open to private watercraft, providing a quieter on-the-water experience than the Pacific Ocean.

The Walkway of the Stars at La Mesa

This pedestrian parkway has been transformed into an urban green space that also serves as a showcase for local art and culture. The La Mesa Walkway of the Stars is not only a convenient through-way when visiting the town, but it is also a terrific opportunity to gain a sense of the local culture and history.

La Mesa Antique Mall A jewel in the center of downtown, the La Mesa Antique Mall is brimming with vintage products, comic books, antique glass, and furniture. This store focuses in things from the 1950s era at very reasonable costs, resulting in fascinating finds and amazing buys. Despite the fact that La Mesa is a relatively new San Diego suburb, this distinctive and quirky restaurant can transport you back to its early days.

Regional Park Mission Trails

Mission Trails, located just outside La Mesa, is a large wildlife habitat with routes going through the mountains and valleys of San Diego. Sheer cliffs also make rock climbing a possibility for the daring. Several small streams run through the area, allowing flora to thrive. It won't be long before you lose sight of the city below, and you'll soon be in pure Southern California wilderness.

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